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California’s special districts are stronger together. Through CSDA membership districts can connect and collaborate like never before. CSDA is committed to providing members with special programs and resources that can save them time and money. Take a moment to explore our Core and Value Added Benefits below.

Core Benefits   Value Added Benefits


Regular Member

VOTING MEMBERSHIP – Independent Special Districts (as defined by Government Code section 56044) and/or public agencies whose legislative body is composed of representatives from two or more public agencies.

2021 Dues: $191 – $7,805 

(based on operating revenue)

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Associate Member

NON VOTING MEMBERSHIP - Dependent Special Districts, City and County Agencies, JPAs and other public Agencies not eligible for regular voting membership.
2021 Dues: $1,482

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Business Affiliates

Business Affiliates are private sector companies that offer professional services and products to the special district community. Through our Opportunities to Connect, businesses are given a chance to make valuable contacts, develop meaningful relationships, and enhance brand awareness in the public sector.
Dues: $750 – $7,500 (based on the level of benefits)

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Specialized Sponsor Packages

Have targeted goals? We provide specialized sponsor packages to fit your advertising and conference needs. Contact Member Services at 877.924.2732 to get started.