Legal Advocacy

Legal Advisory Working Group (LAW Group)

CSDA’s Legal Advisory Working Group (“LAW Group”) provides a forum for the discussion of current legal issues and active litigation before the appellate courts that affect special districts. The LAW Group is comprised of attorneys from throughout the state that provide services or representation to special districts as well as attorneys serving as in-house counsel for a special district. CSDA’s Chief Counsel serves as the coordinator of the LAW Group.

The LAW Group meets quarterly via conference call to discuss pertinent cases and issues. CSDA makes determinations regarding association participation in litigation based upon LAW Group feedback and discussions, and CEO approval. Generally, CSDA weighs in on issues when participation would further special districts’ collective legal interests by establishing legal precedents that assist special districts in delivering services to the communities they serve. The LAW Group affords members the opportunity to engage collaboratively on legal issues affecting their special district clients, while also providing the information and recommendations CSDA needs to be an active and supportive partner of local agencies engaged in litigation. When possible, CSDA collaborates with other local government associations to achieve mutually desired legal outcomes. 

For questions on how to join the LAW Group, contact CSDA Chief Counsel Mustafa Hessabi.

List of Participants

Legal Tracking

Review legal issues critical to special districts, including court documents filed by CSDA.

Court Cases

A list of court filings on behalf of CSDA in support of special districts’ interests, approved in consultation with CSDA’s Legal Advisory Working Group.

Opinions and Comment Letters

Legal Opinions of the California Attorney General, provided upon request to designated state and local public officials and government agencies on questions of law arising in the course of their duties.

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