Meet Our Staff

Use this staff directory to determine which of our qualified team members may best assist you with your district’s needs. Contact us anytime by email or by calling 877-924-2732.


Neil McCormickNeil McCormick

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Wood Rick Wood

Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Mustafa Hessabi Mustafa Hessabi

Chief Counsel

Amber Phelen Amber Phelen

Management Analyst

Advocacy and Public Affairs

Aaron Avery Aaron Avery

Director of State Legislative Affairs

Kyle Packham Kyle Packham

Chief Advocacy & External Affairs Officer

Anthony Tannehill Anthony Tannehill

Legislative Representative

Ophelia Szigeti, Legislative Analyst Ophelia Szigeti

Legislative Analyst

Marcus Detwiler Marcus Detwiler

Legislative Representative

Lilia M. Hernandez, Legislative Assistant Lilia M. Hernandez

Associate Legislative Analyst

Anna Callahan Headshot Anna Callahan

Legislative Assistant

Chris Palmer Chris Palmer

Senior Public Affairs Field Coordinator
Southern Network

Dane Wadlé Dane Wadlé

Senior Public Affairs Field Coordinator
Sierra Network

Colleen Haley Colleen Haley

Public Affairs Field Coordinator
Bay Area Network

Chris Norden Chris Norden

Public Affairs Field Coordinator
Northern Network

Richelle Noroyan Richelle Noroyan

Public Affairs Field Coordinator
Coastal Network

Erasmo ViverosErasmo Viveros

Public Affairs Field Coordinator
Central Network

Member Services and Communications

Cassandra Strawn Cassandra Strawn

Chief Member Services & Communications Officer

Emily Cha Emily Cha

Database & Online Communities Specialist

Michael Meyer Headshot Michael Meyer

Senior Member Services Specialist

Aubrey Gohl Aubrey Gohl

Member Services Representative

Tomicko AbellaTomicko Abella

Member Services Representative

Brent Farrar Brent Farrar

Design & Websites Manager

Vanessa Gonzales Vanessa Gonzales

Communications Specialist

Kristin WithrowKristin Withrow

Communications Specialist

Jose Guerrero Jose Guerrero

Graphic Design/Video Specialist

Cassie Haskins Cassie Haskins

Member Services Representative

Olivia Robertson Olivia Robertson

Member Services Specialist

Professional Development

Megan Hemming Megan Hemming

Chief Professional Development Officer

Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith

Professional Development Coordinator

Rachael Poppino Rachael Poppino

Professional Development Coordinator


CSDA’s staff is here to meet your advocacy, professional development and member services needs.

Board of Directors

CSDA is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors:

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