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Bathroom Bill and Federal Infrastructure Funding Mandate Among Measures Held Under Submission Last Week

By Vanessa Gonzales posted 08-16-2022 10:12 AM


The State Assembly and Senate Committees on Appropriations each held their respective suspense file hearings on Thursday, August 11 to decide which bills will be moving forward and which bills will be held in committee on the Suspense File. Among the bills held under submission on the suspense file, effectively killing the bills for the year, were Assembly Bill 1883 (Quirk-Silva) related to public restrooms and Assembly Bill 2419 (Byran) related to the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.


AB 1883 would have required library districts and recreation and park districts to complete an inventory of their “accessible, permanent public restrooms, including single occupancy restrooms” available to the general population in their jurisdiction. Those districts, along with cities and counties, would have had to provide this completed inventory of bathrooms to the State Department of Public Health on a quarterly basis for publication to an online database of public restrooms.


AB 2419 would have made President Joe Biden’s goal to deliver at least 40 percent of the overall benefits from federal investments in climate and clean energy to disadvantaged communities a legal mandate in the State of California. Additionally, it would have codified the establishment of a State Commission to identify infrastructure deficiencies in disadvantaged communities.


Of the 491 bills that were heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee, 368 bills passed out of the committee and 123 bills held on suspense. Of the 323 bills that were heard in total in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, 244 bills passed out of the committee and 79 bills held on suspense. Two bills supported by CSDA that cleared this critical hurdle in the legislative process were Assembly Bill 1776 (Gallagher) and Senate Bill 450 (Hertzberg).


AB 1776 would include resource conservation districts within the list of entities entitled to a certain late payment penalty pursuant to contracts with the state. CSDA was instrumental in prompting the introduction of this legislation in support of special districts performing this important work.


SB 450 aims to establish the means for administering the distribution funding within the Special District Fire Response Fund, a subaccount within the California Fire Response Fund established by the passage of Proposition 19 of 2020. Recent amendment language added a new section to the bill providing specified instruction to the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) that would affect district eligibility and application procedures.


Below is a list of other significant Senate Bills that made it out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee:  

Below is a list of other significant Assembly Bills that made it out of the Senate Appropriations Committee: 


Below is a list of significant Senate Bills held on suspense in the Assembly Appropriations Committee: 


Below is a list of significant Assembly Bills held on suspense in the Senate Appropriations Committee:

For a complete overview of key legislation CSDA is monitoring and advocating for and against heading into the final weeks of the 2021-2022 State Legislative Session, please visit CSDA’s 2022 Legislative Mid-Year Report here.

The Legislature will adjourn on August 31 this year, with this date marking the last day for each house to pass bills. The last day for California Governor Gavin Newsom to sign or veto bills will be September 30.

CSDA will continue monitoring the bills listed above that passed through the Appropriations Committees in addition to the other non-fiscal bills, and will engage with legislative offices, staff, coalition partners, and our members to ensure effective advocacy as the session continues.