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CalMatters Quotes CSDA CEO in Article Uncovering the Funding Behind CBRT Voter Limitation Initiative

By Kyle Packham posted 08-24-2023 08:05 AM


Today, CalMatters published an in-depth article uncovering the single-largest donor behind the California Business Roundtable (CBRT) initiative to limit the ability of voters and state and local governments to raise revenues (Initiative 21-0042A1).

CSDA CEO Neil McCormick was quoted throughout the article, stating, “It is painful to imagine why an out-of-state company with a mission to make a difference by caring for people in need would contribute millions of dollars-worth of its profits toward an initiative that will undermine publicly-provided emergency services to our communities.”

Also highlighted in the CalMatters article, was ACA 13 (Ward), a CSDA-supported measure that would require initiatives seeking to raise voter thresholds to meet the same threshold they seek to impose on others. That measure passed the Assembly Elections Committee the afternoon of Wednesday, August 23 on a 5-2 vote and will next be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. To take effect, ACA 13 must be approval by two-thirds of lawmakers in each house of the legislature and then by a majority of statewide voters in March 2024.

To learn more about ACA 13 and to download a sample support letter, see this August 22, 2023 CSDA eNews article.

For more information on Initiative 21-0042A1, including a sample oppose resolution visit