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Hollingsworth Award Winner Vince Ferrante

By Kristin Withrow posted 12-11-2023 12:19 PM


Pictured left to right: CSDA CEO Neil McCormick, Hollingsworth Award Winner Vince Ferrante, CSDA President Elaine Magner

Hollingsworth Award Winner Vince Ferrante: Championing Special Districts and Community Service

In the heart of California’s Central Coast, between eclectic Santa Cruz and the marine sanctuary of Monterey Bay, you’ll find a man whose name is synonymous with dedication, commitment, and passion for special districts.

Vince Ferrante, the current Secretary of the Board of Harbor Commissioners at Moss Landing Harbor, was honored with the prestigious William Hollingsworth Award of Excellence by the California Special District Association (CSDA) on August 30, 2023. This award celebrates distinguished, ongoing service, and exceptional contributions to special districts and the communities they serve.

The Hollingsworth Award: Recognizing Excellence

The William Hollingsworth Award of Excellence is the highest accolade bestowed by CSDA. It is reserved for individuals who demonstrate significant leadership within, or in partnership with, special districts regionally or statewide. Nominees for this award are individuals who actively identify and implement programs and partnerships that benefit special districts, dedicating their time and effort towards their advancement. Vince Ferrante perfectly embodies the criteria set forth by this prestigious award.

A Lifetime of Dedication

Vince Ferrante’s journey in the world of special districts is a testament to his unwavering commitment. He has served as a past president of CSDA, a longstanding member of the board, a chapter president, and the chair of multiple CSDA committees. His leadership extends beyond the California borders, as he has represented special districts nationwide in his role as a liaison to the National Special District Coalition.

Vince’s impact on the community and his tireless advocacy for special districts are well-known to those who have had the privilege of working alongside him. His commitment to these values aligns seamlessly with CSDA’s core principles of honesty, accountability, approachability, and dedication to public service.

Community Service Beyond Measure

Beyond his role in special districts, Vince Ferrante is a shining example of community service. He has dedicated numerous years to coaching youth sports in his hometown of Salinas, enriching the lives of countless young individuals. Vince is also a Navy Veteran, proudly hailing from the coastal city of Monterey, and a member of the American Legion.

His involvement in various community organizations reflects his deep-rooted commitment to making a difference. Vince served as the Grand Marshal of the Monterey Festa Italia in 2019, held positions in organizations like the Sons and Daughters of Italy and the Native Sons of the Golden West, and served as Vice-President of the Salinas Sister City Organization. He has also contributed his expertise as a Board Member of the Patient/Family Advisory Council for the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, underscoring his dedication to healthcare and well-being in his community.

A Commitment to CSDA’s Growth

Despite not residing near major airports, Vince Ferrante’s dedication has taken him to every Special Districts Legislative Days Conference and state conference since becoming a member of the CSDA Board of Directors.

As President, he diligently attended chapter meetings throughout the state, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among special districts across California. In his role as NSDC liaison, Vince represented CSDA admirably at conferences throughout the country, extending the organization’s reach and influence.

Vince’s near-perfect attendance record at committee meetings, many of which he has chaired, speaks to his dependability, respectfulness, and deep engagement with the issues facing special districts. He has been a driving force behind numerous successful CSDA initiatives over the past decade, such as the special district civics education program, participation in the National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC), collaboration with CSDA Public Affairs Field Coordinators, and the subsequent growth of chapters and membership. His unwavering support of the Special District Leadership Foundation, which trains and rewards government best practices, further highlights his commitment to excellence within the realm of special districts.

A Well-Deserved Honor

In recognition of his exceptional contributions and tireless dedication to special districts and the communities they serve, Vince Ferrante was rightfully honored with the William Hollingsworth Award of Excellence. His lifetime of service, unwavering commitment, and advocacy on behalfof special districts regionally and nationally have left an indelible mark on CSDA and the broader community.

“Words cannot describe my emotions when I got the word I received the Hollingsworth Award, it is such an honor. I’ve tried to be passionate in what I do, to carry my family values, and to work with all the people who carry the work forward. It’s a privilege to work with the CSDA Board and I am very grateful for this honor, said Ferrante."

As we celebrate Vince’s achievements, we are reminded that the power of one individual’s passion and dedication can create a lasting impact, bringing about positive change for countless individuals and communities. Vince Ferrante’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations of leaders in special districts and beyond, ensuring that the values of honesty, accountability, approachability, and dedication to public service remain at the forefront of our collective efforts.