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Funding Available to Special Districts for Community Resilience Centers Program

By Kristin Withrow posted 05-30-2023 09:31 AM


Funding Now Available to Special Districts for Community Resilience Centers Program

$98.6 million is now available for the first round of funding for California’s Community Resilience Centers (CRC) program managed by the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC). The program will fund new construction and upgrades of neighborhood-level resilience centers to provide shelter and resources during climate and other emergencies. The program will also fund year-round services and ongoing programming that build overall community resilience.

Funds available include a total of approximately $5 million for Planning Grants, $9.6 million for Project Development Grants, and $84 million for Implementation Grants, resulting in approximately $98.6 million in total CRC Round 1 awards across the three CRC grant types. 

To demonstrate interest in applying for a CRC Planning Grant, Project Development Grant, or Implementation Grant, all prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an Intent to Apply Survey as early as possible. This form closes at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

Examples of possible CRC costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive retrofits that support the resilience center’s ability to provide shelter during emergencies, such as solar installation, energy and water efficiency appliances and upgrades, broadband infrastructure, and water and energy storage systems.
  • Upgrades to surrounding area that support accessibility and function of the center, such as community gardens, shade trees, and low-carbon transportation to and from the resilience center.
  • Engaging local leadership and grassroots organizations in civic and community development, and climate resilience awareness and activities.
  • Local workforce development and job force training programming.
  • Distribution of community services and resources such as food, clean water, and personal protective equipment.
  • Programming that supports disaster preparedness, such as first responder training for climate emergencies.

The Community Resilience Centers program managed by the SGC is part of $270 million in funding from the State to support the planning and construction of neighborhood ‘community resilience centers’ that provide shelter and build community preparedness as hazards like wildfire smoke and extreme heat are increasingly longer lasting and more frequent in California.

Created by Senate Bill (SB) 155 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chapter 258, Statutes of 2021), the CRC program will provide “funding…for the construction or retrofit of facilities to serve as community resilience centers that mitigate the public health impacts of extreme heat and other emergency situations exacerbated by climate change.” Assembly Bill (AB) 211 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chapter 574, Statutes of 2022) directs the program to ensure applicants demonstrate collaboration with community members; involvement with community-based organizations and local residents in governance and decision-making; multi-stakeholder partnerships; and accessible CRCs providing eligible services and amenities year-round to community residents. AB 211 also authorizes SGC to provide advance payment to specific grantees and directs CRC program staff to prioritize projects in and benefitting under-resourced communities and to ensure statewide geographic diversity. Funding for CRC Program Round 1 is through the General Fund’s Climate Budget.

Following last summer’s record 10-day heatwave and temperatures setting global records in recent years, Governor Gavin Newsom announced nearly $200 million to help communities build resilience centers that can protect people from extreme heat and other climate-driven extreme weather.

Community resilience centers are a part of California’s Climate Adaptation Strategy and Extreme Heat Action Plan. Once constructed, resilience centers will distribute resources and provide shelter during climate events and support social connectedness and community climate solutions through year-round programming. 

For more information about the Notice of Funding Availability or to apply, view the program Fact Sheet and visit SGC’s website

Separately, $89 million in grants from the California Department of Food and Agriculture will help support people and communities during disasters with safe-shelter space, kitchen and sanitation facilities, showers and other improvements. To see a list of awardees, visit CDFA’s website.

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