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Call for CSDA Board Nominations, Seat C

By Kristin Withrow posted 01-30-2023 03:42 PM

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The Elections and Bylaws Committee is looking for Independent Special District Board Members or their General Managers who are interested in leading the direction of the California Special Districts Association for the 2024 - 2026 term.


The leadership of CSDA is elected from its six geographical networks. Each of the six networks has three seats on the Board with staggered 3-year terms. Candidates must be affiliated with an independent special district that is a CSDA Regular Member in good standing and located within the geographic network that they seek to represent.

The CSDA Board of Directors is the governing body responsible for all policy decisions related to CSDA’s member services, legislative advocacy, professional development, and other resources for members. The Board of Directors is crucial to the operation of the Association and to the representation of the common interests of all California’s special districts before the Legislature and the State Administration. Serving on the Board requires one’s interest in the issues confronting special districts statewide.

Commitment and Expectations:

  • Attend all Board meetings, usually 4-5 meetings annually, at the CSDA office in Sacramento.
  • Participate on at least one committee, meets 3-5 times a year at the CSDA office in
    • (CSDA reimburses Directors for their related expenses for Board and committee meetings as outlined in Board policy).
  • Attend, at minimum, the following CSDA annual events: Special Districts Legislative Days -held in the Spring, and the CSDA Annual Conference - held in the Summer/Fall.
    • (CSDA does not reimburse expenses for the two conferences even if a Board or committee meeting is held in conjunction with the event)
  • Complete all four modules of CSDA’s Special District Leadership Academy within 2 years of being elected.
    • (CSDA does not reimburse expenses for the Academy classes even if a Board or committee meeting is held in conjunction with the event).

Nomination Procedures:
Any Regular Member district in good standing is eligible to nominate one person, a board member or managerial employee (as defined by that district’s Board of Directors), for election to the CSDA Board of Directors. A copy of the member district’s resolution or minute action and Candidate Information Sheet must accompany the nomination. The deadline for receiving nominations for the Northern, Sierra, Coastal and Southern Networks is April 6, 2023. Where there is no incumbent running in the Bay Area and Central Networks the deadline for receiving nominations is April 17, 2023. Nominations and supporting documentation may be mailed or emailed.

Nomination Form Here

Candidate Information Sheet Here

Mail: 1112 I Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax: 916.442.7889



Once received, nominees will receive a candidate’s letter. The letter will serve as confirmation that CSDA has received the nomination and will also include campaign guidelines.


CSDA will begin electronic voting on June 5, 2023. All votes must be received through the system no later than 5:00 p.m. July 14, 2023. The successful candidates will be notified no later than July 18, 2023.  All selected Board Members will be introduced at the Annual Conference in Monterey, CA in August 2023.


Expiring Terms

Northern Network Seat C – Fred Ryness, Burney Water District*

Sierra Network Seat C – Pete Kampa, Groveland Community Services District*

Bay Area Network Seat C – Vacant

Central Network Seat C – Steve Perez, GM, Rosamond Community Services District

Coastal Network Seat C – Vince Ferrante, Moss Landing Harbor District*

Southern Network Seat C – Arlene Schafer, Costa Mesa Sanitary District*

(* = Incumbent is running for re-election)


CSDA will be using a web-based online voting system allowing your district to cast your vote easily and securely. Electronic Ballots will be emailed to the main contact in your district June 5, 2023. All votes must be received through the system no later than 5:00 p.m. July 14, 2023.

Districts can opt to cast a paper ballot instead; but you must contact Amber Phelen by e-mail by April 6, 2023 in order to ensure that you will receive a paper ballot on time.

CSDA will mail paper ballots on June 5, 2023 per district request only.