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Crisis Communications: 5 Ideas, 2 Tips, 20 Questions Answered

By Kristin Withrow posted 08-19-2021 10:16 AM


Ryder to Discuss Crisis Communications at CSDA Annual Conference

Kaetlyn Hernandez, Tripepi Smith

In the conference session, ‘Crisis Communications: 5 Ideas, 2 Tips, 20 Questions Answered’, Ryder will dive deep into his insights and experiences helping local government agencies navigate their way through a crisis. He will also cover the key tools and tips needed to successfully implement crisis communications, including theories, strategies and tactics public agencies can use to inform their emergency response plans.


From wildfires and officer-involved-shootings to cities and special districts, Ryder has worked hand-in-hand with executive and management staff to address crisis situations in dozens of communities up and down the state and for the past decade. 


“Understanding the tried-and-true measures a myriad of public agencies have taken will be valuable to anyone who joins me on September 1,” Ryder commented. “Of course, no emergency or agency is the same. However, there are concepts and practices that individuals can apply to the unique factors at play in their community. I hope this session foments conversation and catalyzes action that ultimately puts at least one more agency in a better position to effectively communicate with their stakeholders during a crisis.”


Ryder will break down succinct axioms about today’s media market and public agencies’ role in it this session. He’ll also share his top two tips for creating effective emergency communications and give a full run-down of five pivotal actions attendees can take back to their teams:


- Extending your alert system’s reach
- Prepping staff with FEMA certifications
- Running tests
- Providing dial tone communications
- Maintaining one voice


“If there’s one thing I hope the audience leaves with that day,” Ryder added. “It is that developing a crisis communications plan early is the most important step. The last thing any agency wants is to be unprepared if an emergency situation occurs. I’m appreciative of CSDA for providing me with this opportunity and I look forward to meeting new colleagues at the conference.”


Tripepi Smith President Ryder Todd Smith is slated to speak on crisis communications at his first CSDA Annual Conference & Exhibitor Showcase in Monterey, CA. Ryder will close out the breakout sessions for day 3 of the conference on Wednesday, September 1 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. 


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