Help Us Increase Awareness about Special Districts

By Kristin Withrow posted 09-22-2020 09:17 AM

Cover photo special district guideCSDA has produced a series of videos intended for use by our special district members as a resource to educate the public. As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on and devastating wildfires rage throughout California, special districts’ ability to adapt quickly has been crucial in meeting essential, evolving needs such as fire protection, sanitation, water, utilities, health care, and even parks and recreation services to protect precious open space and provide much-needed respite for Californians.

Educating the public about the role special districts play in the services they rely on is imperative.  Our special districts often operate in partnership and cooperation with state, county and city agencies. Many Californians do not understand where primary government agency services end and special districts’ functions begin.  With awareness, special districts will benefit from broadened public support.  To facilitate this, we are providing these videos for special districts to share on websites and social media.

Our most recent video  focuses on special districts’ ability to respond quickly to changing needs and demonstrates how their close relationships in the community helps these local agencies provide highly specialized services.  We also have Special Districts 101  that outlines the structure of special districts and explains their role in the operations of the entire state.

Districts Make the Difference is the statewide brand that CSDA uses to promote public knowledge about special districts, and we want to spread this message far and wide. Items in this toolkit  were created to assist you with spreading the word about special districts and the difference they make in your community. These tools contain videos, fact sheets, posters, logos, and other materials designed to showcase the importance of special districts and is available for your use and distribution.