Celebrating CSDA's 50th Anniversary!

By CSDA ADMIN posted 12-17-2019 11:16 AM


img_50th_video.jpg2019 marks a significant milestone for CSDA…50 years of service to special districts. This year provided an opportunity to reflect on the significant work that has been done and imagine the opportunities that lie ahead. Looking back through old documents and interviewing key CSDA volunteers, members, and staff have provided some great insight into the progress that districts have made throughout the years and the role CSDA has played in helping to support that progress. WATCH THIS VIDEO for these highlights. As we wrap up CSDA's 50th anniversary year, we want to thank you, our members!

CSDA was created in 1969 as a completely volunteer-run association with just a few individuals from districts who had a drive and vision to have special districts be better represented, understood, and respected as core service providers throughout California. Fast forward through contracted management and service providers who helped CSDA make significant progress toward its mission, CSDA has now grown to a fully staffed, professional organization that is over 1,200 members strong.

One thing is clear from the beginning, CSDA was formed to serve as the voice and resource for all special districts in California and those core principles hold true through today. In fact, you can see it carry-through in the vision and mission statements that the CSDA Board of Directors updated just a few years ago: 

VISION STATEMENT: CSDA is the essential statewide network of all special districts.

MISSION STATEMENT: CSDA is the voice for all special districts, providing members with the resources necessary to best serve their communities.

Clearly, the cornerstone of the significant progress that has been made throughout the years is the hard work of dedicated individuals from districts (board members and staff) that have volunteered and invested their time and expertise into making CSDA what it is today.

We are grateful for the support of these volunteers and our members as they truly are CSDA!