Central and Northern California Districts Can Reduce Electricity Charges in 2020

By Amber Phelen posted 02-10-2020 03:49 PM


Districts served by PG&E have the option to transition to new electricity rates before automatically transitioning in November 2020.  If districts are transitioned at the optimal time before 2020, savings can be significant.

In November 2020, all PG&E electricity customers on commercial/governmental rates will automatically transition to new rates that are based on revised “time of use” (TOU) periods.  However, during the one-year period prior to November 2020, the new rates are available on an optional basis.  (For more information, see www.pge.com/en_US/small-medium-business/your-account/rates-and-rate-options/time-of-use-rates.page.)

As is the case with most utility regulation changes, most customers are not aware of this cost-saving opportunity or, if they are, may not have the technical expertise to analyze the available options.  Even for those rare customers that do, a side-by-side comparison of the rates typically shows that the new rates and TOU periods will increase costs. 

However, CSDA Endorsed Affiliate Member Utility Cost Management LLC (UCM) can analyze detailed 15-minute interval data to identify which accounts will benefit from pre-emptive rate changes, and more importantly, precisely when the changes should be made to maximize savings.  While these savings are short-term (i.e., only through November 2020), they can be substantial.

Other than providing UCM with access to their online PG&E interval data, there is no work required by a district in order to realize these savings.  UCM will obtain the data for each account, analyze it, report on the available savings, and obtain the District’s permission to proceed.  UCM will then work with PG&E to ensure that each account is converted at the correct time.  In late 2020 or early 2021, UCM will quantify for the District the actual savings realized.

In order to fully take advantage of this opportunity, most accounts should be analyzed in the next 45 days, because the savings start to diminish as we get closer to November 2020.  For more information,  call UCM at (559) 261-9237, or email to cw@utilitycostmanagement.com.