Grant Opportunity: $20 million in Special District Funding Available for Deenergization Preparedness

By Alyssa Silhi posted 14 days ago


Moments ago, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services released the RFP for special districts under the "COMMUNITY POWER RESILIENCY ALLOCATION TO SPECIAL DISTRICTS PROGRAM". This year, CSDA successfully advocated for special districts to be included in community resiliency funding, securing $20 million of the overall $50 million state budget allocation, dedicated to help districts better prepare for continuity of services when the power goes out due to public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) or other outages. 


This important funding opportunity is open until 5:00pm Friday, October 30, 2020
and is available to special districts with critical facilities or infrastructure, as defined below.



What:                        The purpose of the Community Power Resiliency Allocation to Special Districts Program is to support California special districts with additional preparedness measures in response to power outage events. Of the $50 million overall appropriation for Community Power Resiliency funding, $20 million has been reserved for special district needs.


Who is eligible:       Only special districts with an identified critical facility or facilities, or providing critical infrastructure, pursuant to the deenergization guidelines adopted by the Public Utilities Commission (See pages 75-76 for the shared definition of “critical facility” and “critical infrastructure”).  Examples of eligible critical facilities and infrastructure include, but are not limited to:

·        Police Stations

·        Fire Station     

·        Emergency Operations Centers                           

·        Medical facilities, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, blood banks, health care facilities, dialysis centers and hospice facilities

·        Public and private utility facilities vital to maintaining or restoring normal service, including, but not limited to, interconnected publicly-owned utilities and electric cooperatives

·        Facilities associated with the provision of drinking water or processing of wastewater including facilities used to pump, divert, transport, store, treat and deliver water or wastewater

·        Communication carrier infrastructure including selective routers, central offices, head ends, cellular switches, remote terminals and cellular sites

·        Facilities associated with the provision of manufacturing, maintaining, or distributing hazardous materials and chemicals.


Priority funding will be given to eligible Applicants if the proposal shows either a benefit to disadvantaged communities or the use of/acquisition of low/no emissions power solutions.


                                  Please refer to your district’s legal counsel and staff analysis pertaining your district’s eligibility for funding.


Eligible uses:           To procure fixed, long term emergency electrical generation equipment, develop continuity plans, conduct risk assessments for critical infrastructure, create post event reports and public education materials, or purchase supplies to prepare for electric disruption.


How to apply:           The funding will be distributed through a competitive grants process, with individual appropriations up to for up to $300,000 for the 16-month Grant Subaward performance period per applicant. The forms contained in the RFP must not be altered and must be submitted in full to by 5:00 pm Friday, October 30, 2020 (here is the RFP link). 


Deadline to apply:   The application period will be open for ONLY three weeks. All applications must be received by Friday, October 30, 2020


Contact:                    Questions regarding the RFP, proposal process, or programmatic issues must be submitted in writing by email to

Full details pertaining to the requirements, allowable uses of funds, and eligibility can be found within the RFP below issued by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, titled “Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Community Power Resiliency Allocation to Special Districts Program”. The RFP has been posted on the Cal OES website located at and the California Grants Portal located at