District NetWorks

To represent you and others through localized networks, on local and state issues, so that special districts can continue to deliver effective core local services.

CSDA’s regions have slightly different boundaries and an updated title now! Each network is served by three delegates of the CSDA Board of Directors. They are your local point of contact to help you access CSDA resources. The heart of District NetWorks consists of district leaders – like you – inspiring and catalyzing action and collaboration in their own communities. District NetWorks will help special districts connect and take action on any issues that concern your district, locally or statewide.



What Network is your district in?



Ralph Emerson, Garberville Sanitary District
“I have worked for public agencies in the water/wastewater field for over 20 years as an operator, chief plant operator or general manager.  I currently am the water operator for Leggett in Mendocino County, the wastewater operator for Miranda in Humboldt County, the contract wastewater operator for the USBR at Melones reservoir in Calaveras and Tuolumne County and the general manager for Garberville Sanitary District, which provides water and sewer service.”

Greg Orsini, McKinleyville Community Services District
“I have worked with the McKinleyville Community Service District (MCSD) for 23 years. In 1990, I was hired as a Utility Worker 1, promoted to Director of Operations in 2002 and recently appointment as general manager. I value the importance of remaining current on pending state and federal legislation as it pertains to special services districts.”

Fred Ryness, Burney Water District
“I have served with Burney Water District over six years, serving as president, past president and vice president throughout that time. I’ve also worked with the California Teachers Association, California Agriculture Teachers Association and the Alturas section of the California Teachers Association.”



Pete Kampa, SDA, Saddle Creek Community Services District
“I am currently serving as the general manager of the Saddle Creek Community Services District. I have been involved with CSDA as a Special District Leadership Academy instructor and also served on the Board of Directors from 1998 to 2013, prior to my appointment in 2015.

Noelle Mattock, El Dorado Hills Community Services District
“I grew-up in El Dorado Hills and proudly followed in the footsteps of my parents by serving our community.  In addition to serving on the El Dorado Hills CSD Board of Directors, since 2008, I am also active with CSDA serving as the current president. In addition, in 2011 I helped launch the Gold Country Regional Chapter of CSDA, which has a primary focus to provide local trainings for board members and staff.”

Ginger Root, Country Club Sanitary District
“It has been my privilege to serve on the CSDA Board of Directors for the last five years. I am currently a contract clerk of the board of directors and CEO of three fire districts, clerk of the board of a fourth fire district, and clerk of the board and General Manager of one sanitary district.”



Stanley Caldwell, Mt. View Sanitary District
“I enjoy my retirement time committed to serving as board member of Mt. View Sanitary District, and as my district’s representative to the LAFCo in Contra Costa County and the Contra Costa Special Districts Association (CCSDA). I serve as the CCSDA Vice President and the newsletter editor. My service also includes CSDA Executive Committee as past-president, and several committees, including the Member Services Committees. and Professional Development Committees.”

Ryan Clausnitzer, Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District
“Leading an agency of our size requires the general manager to become the agency’s fiscal, human resource, board procedures, and operational expert. Coming from city, county, and national governments to working in special districts as staff, as a board member, the board President, and now a general manager provides me with a unique and valuable perspective.  As a trustee I completed the Special District Leadership Academy and as a general manager I attend the Board Secretary/Clerk training as well.”

Robert Silano, Menlo Park Fire Protection District
“As a current Director and an elected official of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, I have local government public safety experience. I have served on several CSDA Committees and as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent for the DEA until my retirement in 2003. My past experience as a DEA senior manager required me to be responsible for an annual budget in the millions of dollars and was where I developed strong skills in cooperative governmental efforts.”



Joel Bauer, SDA, West Side Cemetery District
“I have served the West Side Cemetery District for almost 18 years. Over that time, I have served on the board of the California Association of Public Cemeteries, and been involved with Kern County LAFCo and the Kern County Special Districts Association.”

Sandi Miller, SDA, Selma Cemetery District
“I am the General Manager for the Selma Cemetery District and have been employed there for eight years. In November 2011, I passed the Special Districts Administrator (SDA) exam through SDLF and am current with my renewal. I have also completed the SDLF Recognition in Special District Governance program and the district was just awarded our District of Transparency Certificate of Excellence also.”

Tim Ruiz, East Niles Community Services District
“For over ten years I have served the East Niles Community Services District as general manager, overseeing the district’s public water and sewer system. I am a licensed civil engineer and certified Water Distribution and Water Treatment operator. Prior to my current occupation, I was an engineering consultant working on various water and sewer infrastructure projects. This experience provided valuable insight to the needs of various special districts and an understanding of the challenges districts encounter. I believe in providing resources to aid local control, continuing education programs for boards and grassroots tools for all special districts.”



Vincent Ferrante, Moss Landing Harbor District
“As an elected official for Moss Landing Harbor District Board of Harbor Commissioners, elected in 2003, I aspire to improve and find best-practices to serve my district and all special districts. I currently serve the CSDA Board of Directors as board secretary. In addition, I chair the Alliance Executive Council and Professional Development Committee, and am a member of the Fiscal and Member Services Committees.”

Elaine Magner, Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District
“I have been on the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District (PVRPD) Board of Directors since February 2008. I have served as board president twice, served on the personnel and finance committees and am PVRPD’s representative to the Ventura County Special Districts Association (VCSDA) and CSDA. I was honored by VCSDA by being named the 2014 Director of the Year. I worked in public service for 31 years in law enforcement human resources.”

Jeff Hodge, Santa Ynez Community Services District
“I am currently a general manager with over 20 years of experience managing special districts in Colorado, Arizona, and now California.  I have experience in writing, introducing and shepherding legislation for special districts, permitting and constructing new water and wastewater facilities, and upgrading existing facilities.”



Jo MacKenzie, Vista Irrigation District
“During my tenure on the CSDA Board of Directors, special districts have continued to gain recognition as the third leg of local government. During my year as president of CSDA, I was recognized as Special District Official of the year by PublicCEO. I am dedicated to building on the present foundation of educational programs and public outreach. I was elected to the Vista Irrigation District (VID) in 1992 and I am one of the principal negotiators for the San Luis Rey Water Rights Settlement Agreement between VID, five tribal bands, the City of Escondido and the federal government. In addition, I presently serve as Alternate LAFCO Commissioner representing special districts after serving 14 years on the San Diego LAFCO Special District Advisory Committee.”

Bill Nelson, Orange County Cemetery District (Temporarily Shared)
“I have served for more than ten years on the Orange Country Cemetery District Board of Trustees. Currently I am chair of the board and its finance committee, where I developed an investment strategy that has already yielded an additional $1 million interest income. I have worked diligently to strengthen the District’s financial status and was instrumental in the District’s recent designation as a District of Distinction and receipt of the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence. I am committed to building on CSDA’s present foundation of educational programs and legislative advocacy.”

Arlene Schafer, Costa Mesa Sanitary District (Temporarily Shared)
“Currently, I am serving on the Board of Directors for the Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) where I have been a Board member for 16 years. I am proud to be part of an organization that has been a District of Distinction since 2009, earned the Transparency Certificate of Excellence and most recently, CMSD received Gold Recognition in Special District Governance.”

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