Special District Coaching Program

The Special District Coaching Program is designed to help individuals accelerate their advancement in local government management, the program was created in partnership with CSDA and Cal-ICMA. Emerging leaders from all districts, at any stage of their careers, are invited to link with experienced local government managers (coaches) and use them as an educational and career development resource.

The program is operated on a volunteer basis, subject to the time constraints of the coach and the emerging leader. These individuals determine, and are solely responsible for, scheduling, content, and all aspects of the coaching relationship. SDLF provides this service as a resource only. Individual coaches are not endorsed by SDLF and have not gone through a specific screening.

Disclaimer: By accessing this program, indivduals understand and agree that any advice given is designed to provide general guidance in career development, management, operations, governance, and other related topics based on the experience of the coaches and is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice. Information provided is not a substitute for individual judgment or legal opinions.

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Coaches Corner

Coaching Webinars

Participants of the SDLF Special District Coaches Program are able to participate in a variety of career development webinars at no charge through CSDA’s sponsorship of the Cal ICMA Coaching Program:

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Webinars can be viewed live or as recorded sessions and provide a resource that helps to prepare mid-career professionals to take their places in senior management roles.

Scott Carroll, SDA

Scott Carroll, CSDM

General Manager
Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Scott Carroll has over 25 years of experience in local government in the areas of leadership, finance, human resources, risk management, strategic planning, emergency preparedness, performance measurements, public works, and workplace culture.


Carroll has experience facilitating training workshops such as CSDA’s “So You Want to Become a General Manager?” and SDLF Study Group for becoming a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM). Carroll has made presentations about special districts and leadership throughout California and internationally including in Qingdao China, Phnom Penh Cambodia and Vientiane Laos.

Carroll has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University and Master Degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne. He is a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM) and a Credentialed Manager from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).


Carroll has been the General Manager at the Costa Mesa Sanitary District since 2010 and is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Tim Deutsch, SDA

Tim Deutsch, CSDM

General Manager
Orange County Cemetery District

Tim Deutsch over 30 years of experience in local government. He received both his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing and Master’s in Public Policy & Administration from California State University Long Beach. He has served as a utilities aide, management analyst, and administrative manager for the City of Newport Beach. He has served as the general manager of the Orange County Cemetery District since 2006.

Deutsch is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Justin Scott-Coe

Justin Scott-Coe, CSDM

General Manager
Monte Vista Water District

Justin Scott-Coe has over 18 years of experience in water resource and local government management. He is General Manager of Monte Vista Water District, having previously served as Assistant General Manager and Water Resources and Community Affairs Manager for the District, and as Integrations Manager for Riverside Public Utilities. Scott-Coe also served on Riverside’s Board of Public Utilities. Scott-Coe has a Ph.D. in English from Claremont Graduate University, a Grade 3 Water Use Efficiency Practitioner Certificate from the American Water Works Association, and is a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Kara Ralston, SDA

Kara Ralston, CSDM

Chief Executive Officer
Camarillo Health Care District

Kara Ralston has over 20 years of experience in local government. Ralston achieved her Masters of Business Administration with emphasis in Management from California Coast University. Her interests include communications, personnel and collaborations.

Ralston is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Ryan Clausnitzer, SDA

Ryan Clausnitzer, CSDM

General Manager
Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District

Ryan has 20 years of experience in service beginning with his work as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tonga and then as a Vector Control Specialist for the County of Santa Cruz. He has also served as a Vector Control Technician for the City of Berkeley and a Senior Environmental Health Inspector for the City and County of San Francisco. He holds a BA in Geography from Gustavus Adolphus College as well as a Masters of Public Affairs from UC Berkeley in 2017. Ryan currently serves on the CSDA Board of Directors and in 2019 serves as the Board Treasurer.

Ryan is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Pete Kampa, SDA

Pete Kampa, CSDM

Kampa Community Solutions

Pete Kampa has over 25 years of local government experience, beginning with Lake Don Pedro Community Services District as the general manager. He went on to serve as general manager for McCloud Community Services District, Twain Harte Community Services District and Tuolumne Utilities District. Kampa has also served on the California Special Districts Association Board of Directors since 1998. Kampa has a special interest in helping special districts develop their accountability and transparency strategies, and formed a consulting company, Kampa Community Solutions, to provide general management services for small districts. Kampa currently serves as General Manager for the Groveland Community Services District and Copper Valley CSD.

Kampa is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Richard “Rick” Howard, SDA

Rick Howard, CSDM

General Manager
Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District

Rick Howard received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of San Diego. He went on to achieve his master’s in Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

Howard has over 35 years of experience in various positions within local government. He began his career as a management analyst for the City of Poway. Howard served as senior management analyst for four years, as an assistant to the city manager for three years and went on to serve as the deputy city manager at the City of Mission Viejo for seven years. Howard served four years as deputy executive director for the North County Transit District, and six years as the General Manager at the Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District. Howard is currently the District Manager for the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District, a position he has held since 2016.

Howard is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

David Aranda, SDA

David Aranda, CSDM

General Manager
Mountain Meadows Community Services District

David Aranda most recently served as the general manager, board secretary and treasurer for North of the River Municipal Water District. For sixteen years he served in the same positions for Stallion Springs Community Services District.

Aranda was privileged to serve as a committee member working with the Legislature in drafting new CSD law.  He currently serves as president of the Special District Risk Management Authority and the Special District Leadership Foundation.  He was part of the original committee that drafted and produced the CSDA Special District Leadership Academy courses.

Aranda is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).

Dennis LaMoreaux, SDA

Dennis LaMoreaux, CSDM

General Manager
Palmdale Water District

LaMoreaux has over 30 years of experience working in special districts the majority with a water district but has also been employed with a community services district. He received his B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Wyoming. LaMoreaux has interest in coaching engineers interested in public water agencies.

LaMoreaux is currently a Certified Special District Manager (CSDM).