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Assembly Bill 779 (Garcia) – Oppose

CSDA opposes AB 779, which would require local agencies to post the names and compensation of their governing board and 10 highest compensated employees on their websites through a link on their homepages. AB 779 creates redundant reporting by requiring the posting of a new, but remarkably similar report to what is already submitted to the State. Current law already requires local agencies to report the compensation of their governing boards as well as all employees to the California State Controller. Requiring a link to this additional and redundant report on an agency’s homepage strips local control and seeks to micro-manage local agency websites. Furthermore, CSDA strongly opposes the requirements in AB 779 to post the names of the 10 highest compensated employees. Singling out individual names serves no additional public benefit beyond the already reported compensation listed by job classification. For these reasons, CSDA must oppose AB 779 (Garcia).