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Affordable Care Act Reporting Draws Near

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Over the last year we watched multiple unsuccessful attempts to repeal and replacethe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). Now, ACA’s reporting deadlines are merely months away and the chance of repeal is low. Employers who are “applicable large employers” (“ALEs”) and Employers…

Coachella Valley’s Water Counts Academy

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) is encouraging customers and residents of the Coachella Valley to apply for the Water Counts Water Academy, the valley's first comprehensive water course. It will be hosted by CV Water Counts and University of California, Riverside - Palm Desert Center. The Water…

Make Your Public Meetings More Effective

Monday, October 16, 2017

California law provides general rules which local agencies must follow when conducting official business. In addition to state law, many local agencies have their own rules of conduct and procedure. However, merely following the laws and rules will not always result in an effective meeting. The following…

Career Compass: Leading by Living Your Values

Friday, October 13, 2017

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Coaching Program recently published its 57th Career Compass column entitled "Leading by Living Your Values" which explores how values should guide our decisions and actions, especially in times of uncertainty and change. If you have missed these…