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Little Hoover Refining Its Review on Special Districts [GOVERNANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY]

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Little Hoover Refining Its Review on Special Districts

At its business meeting last week, the Little Hoover Commission set direction for the next steps in its review of special districts that began last August. Several Commissioners articulated an evolution in their opinion on special districts and the approach the Commission should be taking. Generally, the Commission expressed a desire to focus on how special districts and the State can provide the public with better information about local services providers. The Commission will now call a “roundtable” meeting in June with key stakeholders in order to refine the recommendations it is drafting for its final report.

Commissioners in attendance were in consensus that extreme approaches to local governance, such as the 10-year sunset idea referred to as a “special district death sentence” by a Commissioner in a previous meeting, are not the right approach. Rather, Commissioners articulated a desire to provide local communities with the information they need to best make determinations at the local level. They also expressed a desire to help local agency formation commissions perform their mission of reviewing municipal services and overseeing formations, dissolutions, and reorganizations of local agencies.

The next opportunity for special districts to engage the Little Hoover Commission will be at Special Districts Legislative Days May 16-17 in Sacramento, where Commission Chair Nava has confirmed to participate as a keynote speaker. Registration is now available at

CSDA members are encouraged to support CSDA’s efforts through the following:

  1. If you want to be actively involved, e-mail and ask to be added to the Little Hoover Commission Working Group
  2. If you have a personal relationship with a Commissioner, e-mail
  3. If you or someone you know (especially a non-profit, business, labor, environmental, or non-special district government official) would be an excellent witness at the fourth hearing on special districts, e-mail
  4. Engage in CSDA’s Public Outreach Campaign at
  5. Submit a support letter for AB 979 (Lackey)


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