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CSDA is your trusted resource for the best in special district governance training and best practices.

Effective governance of a special district doesn’t just happen. It requires knowledge, information and State Required education in order to fulfill the responsibility of representing the constituents in the most professional manner possible.

Trust is something that is emphasized as critical when referring to the public and a local agency, but it’s equally as important to have between local government leaders – at the board member and staff level. For a special district to run well, the issue of trust begins at square one – within the district. David Aranda, a conference speaker with decades of experience in special district leadership, and Mark Nation, general manager of Goleta West Sanitary District, give us their thoughts on the significance of trust between board members and staff.


Special District Leadership Academy Conference

ed130311_sdla2A groundbreaking, curriculum based continuing education program that recognizes the necessity for the board and general manager to work closely toward a common goal. The Academy provides the knowledge base to perform essential governance responsibilities. Attendees at this conference will complete all four modules of the Academy during the course of a two and one-half days.



Applying Public Service Ethics


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