District Purchasing Card

In coordination with our partner, Bank of the West, CSDA can provide a special purchasing program available only to our members.

Our goal is to help your district find ways to control and report spending while providing your employees with convenient tools to make necessary business purchases.

The CSDA District Purchasing Card Program is a MasterCard branded card that is accepted at over 20 million vendors worldwide. The card can be used for vendor payments, travel expenses, procurement related items, online purchases, utility bills and much more.

This unique program allows CSDA members to aggregate their spending with that of CSDA and other districts, increasing the opportunities for cash rebates, even for districts with relatively small annual spends.


Other important benefits of the program include:

  • Improving cash flow with increased cash float of 40 days on average
  • Reducing costs and check fees by minimizing the number of checks issued
  • Managing expenses better with enhanced monitoring capabilities and control with a free online card management tool

Features central to the program include:

  • A specialized card branded with the CSDA logo for easy identification
  • Improved control by viewing transaction information on-line
  • Ability to view statements and access reporting on-line
  • Easy payment options – ACH debit or on-line payment available
  • An enhanced cash back rebate program that benefits from the combined participation of CSDA member districts

CSDA is proud to offer this program to our members. If you have any questions or need more information about the District Purchasing Card, please call Bank of the West Government Banking at 866-588-1358 or contact CSDA Membership Director, Cathrine Lemaire at 877-924-2732 or email at cathrinel@csda.net.

Instructions for Enrollment

If you are interested in participating in this Program, the application process is simple.

Step 1
Please download the FAQ Sheet (pdf), Program Description (pdf), the Commercial Card Agreement (pdf) and the Sample Resolution (pdf) for Board consideration.

Step 2
Please review the Commercial Card Agreement. Complete and return only Exhibit B (doc) on page 23.

Step 3
Complete the Program Profile (doc) form – yellow sections only.

Step 4
Complete the Cardholder List (doc).

Step 5
Submit your signed resolution, all three documents from Steps 2-4, and two (2) years most recent audited financial statements to: csdacard@csda.net or fax to 866-235-9308. (If faxing documents, please advise us by email csdacard@csda.net.)


Administrator Support
Call 866-683-9893 for District program administrators (any program related issues, questions)


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