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Programs for Special District Personnel

Special District Administrator Certification
The Special District Administrator (SDA) Certification is a voluntary designation sought by special district staff. It helps document and recognize the candidate’s knowledge, skills and capabilities in all key aspects of special district administration.

Board Secretary/Clerk Certificate Program
This program is rapidly becoming the gold standard for special district Board Secretaries and Clerks. Whether new or seasoned, those in this important position have the opportunity to earn recognition for their competence in the many aspects of the job.

Education Calendar
CSDA offers a full range of training programs for district personnel – board members as well as staff. View the complete education calendar here.

Coaches Corner

Do you want to accelerate your advancement in local government management? You need a coach. The Special District Coaching Program was created in partnership with Cal-ICMA for local government professionals at all stages of their careers. All you have to do is select one and fill out a contact form. It is easy, free and confidential.

Check out the profiles for all of the senior managers who have volunteered to serve as coaches and fill out a quick contact form to request a match with the coach. Once you are matched with the senior manager, you can schedule a face-to-face meeting or a telephone conversation, a periodic discussion, or an ongoing relationship. You can discuss career advancement opportunities, professional development strategies and activities, leadership issues, problematic work situations, or other professional topics of interest.

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