CSDA Transparency

Look inside CSDA as we strive to maintain the highest levels of transparency and accountability by operating as a prudent and ethical non-profit organization.

It is CSDA’s goal to be transparent and operate in the most prudent and ethical manner on behalf of our member agencies. While CSDA is a private, not-for-profit corporation, our members and partners are public agencies. Recognizing this, CSDA strives to maintain the highest levels of transparency and accountability expected of corporations and public agencies.

CSDA transparency policy states that CSDA will post in a public forum such as the CSDA website and/or other appropriate venues the following information at all times:

Dues Schedule – 2018
Staff Roster
Board of Directors
Membership Directory
Salary Ranges as of November 2017
CEO’s Current Salary and Benefits
Board Reimbursement Policy
2016 Audit Report
IRS Form 990 – 2016
Antitrust Compliance Policy
Enterprise Systems Used by CSDA

CSDA will consider all further requests for information as received. The CEO shall review and approve these requests as appropriate taking into consideration staff time and cost to fulfill the request, employee privacy and the impact to business operations of releasing the information.

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